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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich

I'm assembling a birthday cake, again, today.   Instead of the light and fluffy cake, though, I'm going for decadent chocolate upon chocolate with ice cream swirled with chocolate.... for the start of it all, I dug out the recipe again for the Brownies that Justify Government-Paid Prices, doubled it, and baked it all up in a greased, dusted-with-cocoa-powder large roasting pan (14x20x2").

Meanwhile, I pulled out a half-gallon of good vanilla ice cream, let it soften up a little, and scooped out balls of it to fill a 9x13x2" baking pan which I had lined with plastic wrap.  Over the balls of ice cream I drizzled slightly warmed fudge sauce and white chocolate sauce, put another sheet of plastic over the surface, and pressed it all down to compact it back into a large sheet of swirled, chilled dessert.  I popped it back into the deepfreeze to firm back up.  After the brownies cooled and the ice cream hardened up, the brownie came out of the pan in one big piece, to be cut in half and set upon a large board.  From there, you can, I hope, imagine the process of making an ice cream sandwich.  A layer of brownie, a layer of ice cream, and another layer of brownie, and the sandwich is assembled. Serve immediately.

Note: the ice cream should be quite firm, and the brownies MUST be completely cooled (refrigerate, if necessary, before assembly).  Otherwise, what you will get is two layers of soggy brownies in a pool of milkshake.

Serve with more fudge sauce, real whipped cream, plus your favorite fresh berries (we are offering up a variety: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and also, for the heck of it, dried Montmorency cherries).

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