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Thursday, December 25, 2014

On a Moonlit Night... Turkish Delight

                     Just because…

Sometimes you feel like a nut…pistachio, today

Sometimes a batch of candy is a quick and easy prospect -- toss some chocolate into the microwave and nuke it up, or boil a little sugar and water, then add flavor and color....

In the pink…
This isn't one of those times. This is Turkish Delight. It takes a variety of ingredients not necessarily commonplace in a middle-American kitchen, and is, at minimum, a full-day or overnight project.

I have it on good authority there are "easy" ways to make fruit variations on this, but when it comes time to do the traditional rosewater recipe, I was sent to the experts at Epicurious. I decided there was no way I could improve on their recipe, so I provide the link here.  Seriously, this creates a tasty, aromatic, and tender confection, but plan on a long time over the stove, followed by a serious wait. And, as their lead-in suggests, read the whole recipe a couple of times to familiarize yourself with all the steps before you start, because there's a point at which you need to have it all set in your mind, or you'll miss something and crash and burn…or, possibly, literally, burn, anyway. 

Tender, sweet, rose-laden…

But, if you're feeling bold – and a little bit crazy – give the recipe a try.

…and more than a little nuts

And, if you still want to try one of the "easy" methods, here's a pretty entertaining one (nothing wild and crazy, just something to consider):

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